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ChooseFest – A New Way to Go Festivalling

Is “festivalling” even a word? Debatable. In any case we have just formally opened the doors to our new prototype web app over at – its a new way to match your music tastes to a festival and it will certainly improve your summer music experience if you intend on taking in some sounds over the coming months.

Read more about it on my blog here, or have a go with it and tell us what you think on the ChooseFest facebook page.

Why all tech companies should plant trees

As I sit here looking at this title I realise it actually applies to all companies, we could ALL do more to be green. You sit there at your desk just like I sit here at my desk, engrossed, busy, distracted digitally into a world of bountiful information, innovation and ultimately, the future. But what we don’t do as often is look out of the window, you know, like that kid in school that stares out into the sky, day dreaming about the swings at the park. Smaller desk, same you. That’s why we plant trees.


As of 2012 StormGate is going to plant trees every year, exactly proportionately to the scale of the business we do, not as some silly sales gimmick to make people like us or because we like to hug trees but because we really have no reason not to and a lot of reasons why we should. Reasons you should read and think about, right now:

Do you like oxygen?

Ok so that’s just one reason, right? But do we need to say more (we have lots)? Whether or not you believe the things said by politicians about climate change or environmental instability it really can’t hurt to plant a few trees.

We know other companies won’t ALL do it, that’s why for all the carbon we produce (and paper we use, and fuel we burn, and furniture we buy) we are planting enough trees to process at least double the co2 (minimum, lowest amount, even in a recession) – that means we will help offset some of our competitors undesired side effects, which we do willingly.

Rather than harp on about this we are just going to act, we intend to increase the value added by StormGate to the planet, year on year. You should act now too, not just to relieve your conscious or to have another saleable feature, but because oxygen rocks, and oh yeah, remember climbing that tree?


Have you read that one about the lean start-up eagle?

StormGate now has an about page. Check it out, it has an eagle. It talks about who we are and metaphorically, where we are charting course for, it’s all that a vision should be and it’s the map we are following. But where is the juicy stuff? What? This metaphorical eagle doesn’t satisfy your inner-geek? That’s what this post is for, tech-heads and assuming clients.

We build Apps, Websites & Communities

People love talking about the code they write, we do it too and while the most important thing is actually at the other end of the process (the value added not the specifics of its addition) we do still want to tell you about it. We write web apps in PHP/MySQL and use jQuery more than we eat bread. We are purists and we write code naked, (ok the naked part is a joke to check your still awake.) We know there are other languages but PHP can be beautiful too, and the world runs it, that’s undeniable. (We also write real apps in C# to supplement our dev. process!) Manoeuvrability, freedom and value are just some of our reasons for using this stack. We aren’t tied to it but it really, really works, for us. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) and you should too. We think this is the decade of Amazon, so grab a surf board and get into the surf.

Primarily we build websites, some in the form of web apps and others just for information. All of our sites looking forward will have social elements and feature some sort of growth hacking. We are also expanding into mobile apps. Everything we build must add value.

We run ads

A wondrous thing about the internet today is advertising. Over the years markets have opened up through various advertising channels to get your intent in front of lots of people, now, as it is today, facebook, google and other platforms allow you to get that same intent out to millions of people, almost instantaneously, what’s more its laser targeted, statistically responsible and affordable. We run ads at an ever increasing rate because in the end it doesn’t matter if we create something amazing, what matters is that it’s shown to the people that will find it amazing, otherwise the diamond stays hidden, underground, hoping for fluke excavation.

We write

Today we will write code, but we will also write other useful characters. Reports – from SEO to PPC to UX – we are constantly reminding ourselves of the lessons learnt, looking forwards we will share more and more of these lessons. Ridiculous metaphors are also common place here, like our eagle vision; we love to explain things in new ways (incidentally we find this works for ad copy too, don’t you think?)

If you like lean start-ups, innovative web stuff and ridiculous metaphors follow us for more regular ridiculousness.