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The Start-up Priority Pyramid

It’s easy to get caught up in the “business machine” around your start up, I mean it’s not a real company if it doesn’t have business cards, a posh website, a full CRM and 50 social network accounts is it?

Actually, it is. A REAL company has the minimum “business machinery” it requires to produce the maximum return it can. The truth is – if your business idea is sound and you have what it takes, all that stuff can be brought in later, when necessary. Focus on is your Minimum Viable Product (Marius covers this a bit in last weeks Why releasing early is great for startups.)

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Why Releasing Early is Great for Startups

In this guest post by Marius Fermi of Tactical Sales Training, Marius explores the benefits and pitfalls of releasing your minimum viable product early, both as a boot-strapped start-up and as an established business.

Enter Marius

Normally everyone would say that before you launch or release any product or service, you need to make sure you’ve got yourself a die-hard set of metrics to back everything up. Take no notice, its better if you release early.

When it comes to this day and age of new start-ups, especially in tech, there is an increasingly small chance of delivering a great project on your first attempt. It never helps that our need for speed is increasing and our attention span seems to last no more than 3 seconds, getting easily distracted by a pretty word or colourful banner or button.

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