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<- Who remembers when the internet looked like this? Websites were ugly, slow and static. Interactivity meant hover-over menus and the occasional animated .gif banner. This screenshot is from Yahoo in 1997 – that’s now 15+ years ago. How have you changed in the last decade and a half? I’m guessing you have changes cars, houses and probably grown up a lot. Hopefully things are better for you now; certainly they are for the internet.


The internet has all but escaped the CRT monitor, it’s moved on to flat screens, touch screens, mobiles and tablets. Along with this new technology, new methodology has grown; interactivity is now assumed, efficiency integral and from a technology standpoint the internet is in a much more mature, stable state. I digress. Here’s the point: If you have a web app idea, now is the time to get it made.

You see this moment right here is ideal for getting your idea developed. The metaphoric planets of developers and markets are aligned. You have an app idea, website idea or a generally cool software idea and the market wants you. The software development market has grown at an incredible pace, it’s become bloated with capacity and developer talent and the business side hasn’t completely innovated to use up this overcapacity. Companies are recruiting like mad because they know that it’s a land rush period for Apps and Web Apps, it used to be great to get the first .com, now it’s the time to get the first service providing App.

Most of our economies are down, but our developers are more talented and available than ever. The internet is still global, rich and expanding. The time to get your idea out there is now.

Consumers are sitting there primed, their wallets ready, looking for new Apps and digital services to consume as if they were sustenance. What’s more: they are more accessible than they ever have been, whether they are at their desk, on the bus, on their blackberries, iPhones, iPads, laptops, they are now accessible.

The channels between creation of a product and receiving payment for delivery of that product have never been slicker, more globally applied or as trusted. People used to be wary of spending on credit cards online, now we have the App Store and PayPal and those murmurs of security concern and more importantly lack of trust are all but extinguished. Consumers can buy your app with a tap, subscribe to your SAS (Software as a Service) with PayPal subscriptions with the click of a mouse. Friction against buying on-line has been utterly minimised by the evolution of e-business.

They are hungry. A huge chunk of the world now spends the majority of its day online. Depending on your App or Digital product this market is accessible. App stores and marketplaces have popped up to accommodate all manner of digital sales, connecting software and ideas with people and wallets/purses with incredible efficiency. These marketplaces are busy places; in August 328 million apps were downloaded onto mobile devices in the UK. That’s 122 Apps downloaded PER SECOND through the whole of August. This number isn’t all paid Apps but it does only include the UK (there are much bigger markets.) There are many of these marketplaces for different digital products, and that’s just one way of selling your Web App idea.

Leverage. Right now you have got leverage. You can leverage lean innovation to match/overcome huge corporate lethargic size. You don’t need the huge (often inefficient) business framework of yesteryear to make a living, or millions. You could produce a best-selling app on a laptop and make millions a month, you might have to hire some support people, but that’s a pleasant problem. This situation where innovation can rival business size always exists, but it ebbs and flows through technology and business evolution. Right now you are knee deep in cheap, wonderful opportunity.

A rare pause of momentum, online life exists so extensively now that the technology development has reached a pause point. Things are still being developed and progressed, but right now we are sitting on a fairly stable technology plateau, most things online just work. So its building time. It’s time to put pen to paper and get those ideas from that bit of paper right into the laps of the people. This time won’t last forever, it’ll start peaking again, evolving in some way none of us can predict, perhaps it’ll be a true cloud operating-system or chips implanted in our brain, it’s impossible to guess. But this next 6-12 months, from my perspective is optimum time for prototyping new ideas.

This especially applies to the following:

  • Really Innovative Ideas
  • Business Service Apps, Websites or Software Ideas
  • Ideas which are “Apt for Apple” (App stores)
  • Online gambling and gaming (think micro-payments!)
The reasons it’s the perfect time to get a website idea or app made:
  • Leverage Professional Developers Cost Effectively
  • Our Economies are Weak but Online Sales are Up
  • Frictionless Online Selling and Strong Trust Association
  • Huge Consumer Marketplaces Begging for Innovative Ideas

Lots of leverage is available to You. Take a good App idea, find a developer and get it made. It used to be that software was a specialist’s game, or big business. This is not true today. You can get Apps made quickly, relatively cheaply and keep all the rights. You could be showing your App to everyone in the office in a fortnight, you could start seeing £ hit your bank within days.

I doubt I need to cite examples or talk about instagram, but it’s a fantastically extreme example of the sort of leverage available: Instagram produced just one little App Store app and then sold it to Facebook for $1Billion [Read on TechCrunch]

If there was a conversion rate for “professional web development output” per £ it would highlight a strong £, development has innovated way beyond its hourly rate. Developers have all the technology they need, most functionality is proven and well documented. At StormGate we can now rapidly develop astounding things in very short time-frames. Things that would have taken half a year can be achieved in a working week. StormGate can quickly produce websites and Apps which are:

  • Socially Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.
    (From Logins to Sharing to Growth Hacks)
  • Responsive, Attractive and Interactive
  • Integrated with any of 1000’s of API’s
    (Google Maps, Facebook, Youtube, SalesForce, MailChimp etc.)
  • Strongly Optimised (Speed & SEO)
  • Solidly Secure and Globally Deployable

With the technology building blocks established and their evolution paused its time to focus on the business of ideas, now is the time to get yours out there.

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