The Start-up Priority Pyramid

It’s easy to get caught up in the “business machine” around your start up, I mean it’s not a real company if it doesn’t have business cards, a posh website, a full CRM and 50 social network accounts is it?

Actually, it is. A REAL company has the minimum “business machinery” it requires to produce the maximum return it can. The truth is – if your business idea is sound and you have what it takes, all that stuff can be brought in later, when necessary. Focus on is your Minimum Viable Product (Marius covers this a bit in last weeks Why releasing early is great for startups.)

Cancel that big print order of business cards, stop posting Facebook page updates to your 7 fans and get busy making a solid first product.

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This post was written by Woody Hayday who is the director and lead developer at StormGate, click here to hire him or read his personal blog here
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