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Top 5 Festivals 2012

As we continue to develop ChooseFest we are going through lots of festivals, reading, learning and improving our site all the time. In the mix we come across lots of new ideas, new music and new festivals as you would expect in such an industry, which is fantastic. We have had some really great feedback from several early adopters who we won’t forget as we grow. While we endeavour to improve our user experience and add more and more value to ChooseFest we have realised a few early assumptions we had made were wrong, for example how many festivals would you say run in the UK every year? We didn’t think it was as many as we have now added, we were really surprised at just how many festivals are established and regular, even more so at the healthy crop of  new festivals. A major learning curve.

How about which festivals are most popular? You would be surprised how everyone has a different answer to this one. As our knowledge grows through these little realisations we will share more and more of our festival statistics with you here, for an industry so seemingly disconnected from our financial turmoil there seems to be far to few shared statistics. ChooseFest will be open in this way, with an API on our roadmap we intend to share our lists and this information freely.

So what are the Top 5 Festivals of 2012?

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