Plugins and Projects

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As well as a steady stream of client web development projects StormGate and Woody Hayday produce other projects frequently, from WordPress plugins to software development tools to festival finding portal‘s. Exploration and Innovation are integral feature’s of StormGates philosophy and often lead to profitable web assets and useful software products.

On this page you will see a fraction of our internal projects, some are purely exploratory while others you can find out in the wild, appreciated by many customers.

Common StormGate Project Types

  • Rapidly developed (sometimes in just a few hours)
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • CSS3, JavaScript or HTML5 Experiments
  • Helpful developer-built tools
  • Not always built with business in mind

* Please note: While some of the projects on this page are “for sale” products others are simply experiments, they are not representative of the high quality code we produce for clients.
Read more about our client development process.

CheckLists for WordPress

CheckList Plugin

CheckList Plugin for WordPress makes it seriously easy to insert checklists into your posts and pages. By making it easy, the plugin can be used more often, letting you add another layer of content to your blog. Designed to be simple but very useful. It gives you checklists for your WordPress!

Social Gallery for WordPress

Social Gallery

Social Gallery is a WordPress plugin which adds fantastic lightbox features to your blog images and vastly improves user engagement.

Social Gallery - the Original Gallery Share Plugin

The Social Gallery WordPress Plugin was produced out of a side project with a client (Make Your Offer)

Note: Social Gallery has now been acquired by Epic! Announcement here.

Social Gallery Lite

Social Gallery Lite is a Free version of our best-selling WordPress plugin, it adds the same fantastic social lightbox to your blog images but with fewer features.

Social Gallery Lite - A Free Social Lightbox Plugin


ChooseFest is the prototype for a new way to find music festivals. By entering (or grabbing from Facebook or Last.FM) your musical tastes ChooseFest scours all of the line-ups of the worlds festivals and provides you with the best pick of festivals for you.

Launched in May 2012 ChooseFest has garnered lots of positive interest and has a growing user-base.


Festival was a 1 day project designed to visualise music festivals across Europe. Extending the data from ChooseFest, allows grouped visualisation of festivals by country and location.

Easy Envato Sales Assistant

Easy Envato Sales Assistant is a small, easy to use plugin which adds up-to-date social proof to WordPress blogs which sell digital products on Envato marketplaces.

Automated Editor

Automated Editor is a WordPress plugin written to help automate mass content editing within WordPress. Written using WordPress scheduling and a multi-layered rule and schedule system Automated Editor is a very flexible way to automate WordPress content editing.