StormGate and the eagle – About Us

Born from the deepest depths of a snarling volcano, chiselled from the cheekbone of the most egotistical t-rex, summoned from the deep by…yeah, whatever, we aren’t these things, but while we haven’t (yet) seen our story in Hollywood we are proud of whom we are. We are a small firm with big ideas. Originally from Hertfordshire we now operate from everywhere, next year we will be in London, but for now we might as well be in a hot air balloon in the sky above you, it doesn’t matter, through the wonders of the internet we are here, on your screen, in your face. But why?…why should you care? Imagine you were walking down your street, you know, to the shop or your car or just to get away from this desk; as you are walking you pass an eagle, a full-on symbol of the America’s golden eagle, and it’s just sitting there. If that eagle had a facebook page you’d probably like it, right? So you could tell all your friends about the random eagle sitting on the side of your street? That’s kind of why you should follow us, you don’t see companies like us often, for example when was the last time you heard a story about an eagle on YOUR street on a company’s “about us” page?

Still thinking about the eagle? Well stop, here’s where I put a hand on your shoulder and walk off with you away from the eagle and talk about what we do. We do a few things online, we consult and we code, for clients, a little (we cherry-pick clients and projects) but more importantly we explore. A good chunk of the time we spend building (and deconstructing) things for the web is “in the labs.” That crazy idea for a web app that might just help a bunch of people? We are trying it. A better way to manage your web empire? In the works. Use code to improve your facebook ads? Certainly. We dabble, we pioneer, we explore & we refine. Over the years this has meant entering a number of markets, releasing websites, plugins, apps, themes and affiliate marketing; now, looking forwards (down your street, this is where I use my other hand to point into town) we intend to bring out some bigger, juicier innovations.

Our vision, then, is that of the eagle (yeah we are back at the eagle); we have been growing, learning and honing our flight skills. The past few years in business have been an excellent primer, but now is our time to soar, or more precisely to hunt. We are now gliding up there in the clouds, effortlessly scouting for the right opportunities to release our full force onto; we will release apps and services every bit as bold as some of our past ventures, backed by a more veteran intent and helped to the skies by our young eagle. So in short, we are that eagle sitting on the side of your street, follow us, we intend to release some pretty cool stuff and you won’t want to miss it.