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Get your WordPress Plugin Developed by Professionals

WordPress Plugin Developer For Hire!

The internet runs on WordPress, with more than 59,000,000 blogs & websites running on WordPress.com (as well as potentially 100’s of millions of self-hosted blogs) you can’t deny that the well-known publishing framework is a substantial force in digital publishing.

Alongside the fantastic growth of WordPress an industry has risen up to support its users; people, businesses and organisations that are using WordPress to directly connect with their target audiences.

Many Millions of Us use WordPress Today

Image Courtesy of WordPress.com Stats

The WordPress Industry

The WordPress industry I’m referring to is that of Themes, Plugins and Services created specifically for WordPress, a world of communication customisation. As with all fledgling industries there is still an inefficiency driving its inhabitants out to the long tails, new Themes and Plugins are popping up hourly, it’s becoming a very, very busy marketplace.

Amongst all this hustle there is some fantastic software being produced, but unfortunately also a lot of mediocre, quick-buck chasing, unsupported bad code-work.  This is a shame and a common pain point I heard numerous times last year. The industry is young, it needs to build better ways to rate & moderate its content.

In this busy marketplace StormGate offers you a calm, bespoke solution: Professional WordPress Plugin Development based in the UK.

Get Your WordPress Plugin Developed Here

“I need WordPress to do X but I can’t find a solution…”

First up it’s probably a good idea to check out a marketplace which sells existing plugins (try CodeCanyon) – here you may well find something which does 50-75-100% of what you want. Great, if you have a small budget and potentially hours to spend stressed and trying to manipulate it into place [some do, just work]. Still, there is value there (like our Social Gallery.)

If you need something special or want Your Own Plugin, I propose a solution: Drop me your email address via the form below and let me take care of it.

Getting the WordPress Plugin you want:

1) Check if it already exists and buy it if it does (cheaper for you)

2) Get us to custom-build your plugin

We Develop WordPress Plugins [UK]

Having developed many WordPress plugins, from private releases to popular ones, I am confident we can build something which is 1) Totally bespoke to your needs 2)  Easily marketable to profit (if desired). Yeah – we have you covered, whether you want to create a WordPress plugin which you intend to market & sell or you just need something solved in WordPress. Our service is second to none.

I must admit though, we aren’t super cheap.

Quality, Communication and Innovation are three principles here – we don’t do “bad” or “cheap” work – if you’re looking for a cheap developer you will want to look elsewhere. We do, however, complete outstanding jobs, promptly – as many of our clients have agreed:

 ” Woody did a seriously high quality job in an unbelievably short space of time, without cutting any corners. Don’t hire another developer, hire Woody, they’ll under quote to get your business and take longer to do it, Woody [StormGate] gets it done on time and on budget ”

David Whitehouse

” Woody came up with a great solution for us, he implemented a system which enables us to take leads from our [WordPress] website and automatically add them to our CRM system for our sales team to follow up. Woody produced the work on a tight deadline and met the specification perfectly; I would not hesitate to use him again and will certainly be recommending him to my business associates ”

Tom Smedley, TJS Marketing

” Honestly what you have managed to do there in such a short space of time, considering from the other people I contacted all told me it couldn’t be done, is incredible! ”

Marius Fermi, Tactical Sales Training

Get Our lead developer to Email You:

..or use our contact form


With turnarounds as fast as 24 hours and prices from under £800 you could see your WordPress plugin professionally developed in no time at all! Contact us now – Get Your Plugin Made!


Requests for WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugins can add or enable almost any feature you could imagine to WordPress – from complicated statistical analysis to crafting the supreme content management system. Here are some ideas of the plugins we have been asked to make:

  • Unique Google Maps Plugin’s
  • Custom Contact Forms & Mailchimp/Aweber Integration
  • Custom Lead Generation Plugin’s
  • Custom Mobile WordPress Plugins
  • Custom Slider WordPress Plugin
  • Bespoke WordPress Social Media Plugins & Integration
  • Custom WordPress Plugin for Search & Sharing

… but the sky is the limit – let us know what you need and I am sure we will be able to develop your dream plugin!

Our Most Popular WordPress Plugin

Social Gallery is The Ultimate Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

Social Gallery has been very well received, here’s what some users have said about it (read the full list of customer quotes):


” I’m very happy with the plugin. I think its genius, this is the most incredible plugin I have ever seen ”

Heather Wood, Ravenous Raven Design

” Really happy with this amazing plugin ”


” It worked perfectly! It’s amazing plugin! Congratulations! ”

João Paulo Pereira

” This is by far the best gallery plugin for wordpress, because as it stands right now there’s no way to pin individual gallery photos from wordpress to pinterest, and this makes it extremely easy to do so. ”

Brandon Schlichter

” Thanks for your hard work on this wonderful plugin. Works great in WordPress. ”



Common typo’s include “Plug in’s, pluggins, etc.” – we refer above to WordPress Plugins (add-ons for WordPress.)